Jeff Duncan & Chip Campsen Champion Student Freedom


When Jeff Duncan moved up from the SC House to the US House of Representatives, we lost a great friend and champion at the Statehouse. As Representative... read more>>

Harris Poll shows strong South Carolina support for offshore drilling


WASHINGTON, DC - A new poll released today showed that an overwhelming majority of South Carolina voters support increased energy production, including... read more>>

Exclusive: More Than 40 House Republicans To Mitch McConnell: Fight Against Executive Amnesty Funding Now


Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) is lead author of a letter signed by more than 40 of his fellow House Republicans calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell... read more>>

Battle over Atlantic drilling hits new phase


WASHINGTON – The federal government recently took a major step toward letting oil and gas companies drill off the South Carolina coast, but the... read more>>

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